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Christmas? Birthday? Confirmation? Graduation?
Gift ideas can be hard - and often we give money. But for adults wanting a great Catholic gift idea for a child, Godchild, or young friend or family member - this is it! 

Get them a gift certificate that can be used as credit towards a youth's registration fee for any of the following Catholic youth ministry programs or events we will be running at the parish or attending elsewhere:



EDGE Camp (August 21-25, 2019)

Camp Cross (July 22-25, 2019)

Steubenville Toronto (

Franciscan LEAD (

Purchase here:


After your purchase, you will receive (via email) a printable gift certificate that the youth can present to Ante Skoko, our Youth Minister at the time of registration.


Options for purchase:

$25 gift certificate

$50 gift certificate

$100 gift certificate

$200 gift certificate


Note: Feel free to add more than one option to your cart!

For example, add a $50 and a $100 gift certificate to your cart to create a $150 gift certificate. Or add 3 x $25 gift certificate to receive one for $75. This can be done easily once you've added a gift certificate, the quantity is adjustable in your cart.

Thank you for giving the gift of faith! +




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365 Youth Ministry

Donation Drive


This drive will go a long way to helping subsidize our youth ministry programs & events for 2019AD, hence the 365 name! 😊


Our youth movement with its many initiatives relies on the generosity of our parishioners… parents, grandparents and all who want to see a bright future in our Church – there is hope!


Each donation in this annual drive will lighten the financial load for families to be able to have their children participate in faith formation nights, engaging conferences, transformative retreats, fun camps, have cool SJOC branded gear, along with helping pay for transportation and other logistical needs. The registration fees across the board will be reduced with your help.


Each envelope (from $5-$365) is labeled to give you the knowledge on how your donation will be used to further the spiritual growth of our Catholic youth at St. John of the Cross.

Please support us by grabbing an envelope after Mass sometime soon.


Note: You may make a donation as a pair/group or from another ministry within the parish (or non-parishioners), however, it would not qualify for a tax receipt.
To obtain a tax receipt, all the info in the envelope will need to be completed.
Donations can be more or less what is noted on the envelope, all amounts are appreciated and will be put towards the cause noted on the envelope.
Special thanks to our PRIME TIME Club who stitched this humungous board!